Zoom Video-Chat Information


You’ve no doubt become interested in knowing more about how we’ll hold our sessions over Zoom.

Let me start by explaining what Zoom is – Zoom is a video-chat or video-conferencing service that allows two people to see and hear each other over the internet.

Zoom works on all computers, all laptops, all tablets, and all phones, and the installation is as simple as it can get.

Here are the steps:

FIRST – once you schedule, you will receive a unique link in the confirmation email. ON THE COMPUTER/DEVICE you’ll be using for our session, either click the link in your confirmation email or use this handy test link to test your set-up: https://zoom.us/test

SECOND – if you’ve never used Zoom before, the computer/device will prompt you to install a plugin. Click on the link labeled “Download and Run Zoom” to do this.

(If on a mobile device, it will likely send you to the app store to install Zoom)

THIRD – If on Windows, it may ask if you want to allow Zoom to make changes to your computer, which means, do you want to download and run Zoom. Click Allow.

LASTLY – Click the green “Join Audio Conference by Computer” to enter the session.

BONUS – If you get stuck (or you’d just like to see someone do this) perhaps this brief (53 second) video will help you sort it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFhAEoCF7jg. Note: Depending on your computer/device, the installation may look/be different.

If you’d just like to test it out and make sure your settings will work ok – you can use Zoom’s Test Room here: https://zoom.us/test. And check out the following tips to help you!..

I look forward to seeing you in our Zoom session!