About YOU

I work for people that matter and for people who want to matter.

People for whom the time has come to break free from the “old ways” that limit them (however that looks), and to step foot into the tenuous dawn of a new way.

These problems of the “old ways” originate in the mind and they are addressed in the mind.

Although they may look like problems in the world, like a “lack” of good relationships, good health, good mood, good job, good sleep, good money, they are mostly problems of perception and they keep you in self-sabotaging behaviors, a veritable victim to confusion and inaction.

How do I help?

I’m here to crack that part that needs cracked so the light can shine in.

I always crack it respectfully and sometimes quite gently if I sense that is what will work best for you.

The people I work with aren’t afraid of this cracking, they know something needs to give, in order to claim what they can sense or dream is their future.

If you are oddly interested right now, as if something inside is stirring, as if something is waking up, I’m talking to you.

If you have no idea what any of this might mean, please accept my apologies, my appreciation for your time, and feel free to kindly disregard.

Schedule your First Session now, if you’re willing to move forward (even if you’re nervous).