Hi there. I’m glad you made it.

Let me tell you a little about why people come to see me.


Simply put, I help deliver people from their anxieties, the problems they stew on, and the things that make them feel bad about themselves.

I do this by getting to the bottom of the issue, to the root cause – so that we only have to make the trip once.  And I do this for people who really want to “go there.”
My ideal client is the person who feels the pull to move forward, to release the shackles, and get free of the things that limit and frustrate them.
They want to relax into the best version of themselves.  They want to repair, grow, and thrive, even if those words seem utterly alien to their current reality.   These people want to know what to do and how to do it.  Their fear doesn’t paralyze them from getting the help and support they need.
These people somehow end up stumbling onto my blog, seeing a business card floating around, or meeting me, just when they are ready to take the crucial first step.

My business is helping fix people who are serious about getting fixed.

For me, it’s not about helping people limp along, just giving them some encouraging words along the way.

My business is about finding the most direct route to you being satisfied with your self and your life, and from there, the most direct route to living a life rich with value and real meaning.

How is it that I go about fixing you?

Well, technically, I don’t actually fix you – I help YOU fix you, though it often feels a bit like magic because it doesn’t take the amount of effort people anticipate.  It’s as if I have the key and flashlight required to get us into the dark and locked areas we need to go –  to help you gain access and to see clearly.  And don’t worry, your part doesn’t require any special knowledge or skill.
As for how…  there are a number of methods and modalities at my disposal.  I choose from them to create a custom solution for each and every client.  I often combine modalities that are not usually connected because they work synergistically with great effect.  Quite simply, I do what will work best for you, in your unique situation, and with your unique goals for treatment.
Treatment modalities that I use most often include Hypnosis, Reiki, and EFT Tapping.  I also use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) across most modalities.  I’ll describe some of these a bit more on this site.

So, what is it that people come to fix?

People come to remove their obstacles – basically, their limiting beliefs and their limiting behaviors – which are cleverly disguised as problems with their minds and bodies or problems with their work or relationships.
These limiting beliefs and behaviors can result in symptoms spanning from dissatisfaction, anxiety, and frustration to addictions, obsessions, and compulsions.
And more specifically?  What do those look like in the real world?  Maybe too much internet for some, too much TV for another, too much food or sex or stuff from Amazon for still others.  Maybe someone is checking the phone or email or Facebook every 5 minutes.  Maybe they can’t seem to get free of clutter.  Maybe someone is being overly controlling or rigid, or putting other people down.  Maybe it’s a bottle of alcohol or pills, or a pack of cigarettes.  Maybe it’s overspending in “retail therapy.”  Maybe it looks like getting busier and busier with nothing to show for it except exhaustion.  Or a background-type grinding anxiety that is hard to put a finger on.

Maybe you can relate.

All these ways of coping are the best ways these people know, it gives them some comfort and helps them get by.

The point is, without this level of stimulation and these coping mechanisms, things could slow down and get quiet, and without all the activity and noise in your life, you’d have to come face to face with your issues.
If you’re like most people, you’ve been stomping these issues down for a long time (which is also incidentally why they come up with such persistence and force), and you’re simply afraid to move towards them unless you have to, unless you feel compelled to finally break free.

If you’re here on my site, you’ve made an important discovery.

The discovery of a resource to help you get your life back.  To help you move toward what you want instead of away from what you don’t.
The risk is that you read this information and say, “Yeah, I know I should, but…” and another 5 years slips by and you’re no healthier or happier, no richer or thinner.  I’m sure you know how this goes – the best intent without action is nothing.
Have you ever heard the saying that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”  How many times have you stumbled upon information that you felt could be transformative for you, but turned away because it was inconvenient for some reason?
That’s called resistance.  And it lets you know that you were in the right place.  That you were looking under the right rock.  That you were scratching the right itch.  Resistance is the clearest sign that you’re headed in the right direction.
So, what would happen if you took the next step today instead of letting another opportunity slide on by?  What would that 5 year picture look like for you?  Stop for a moment and actually picture it, right now, just for a moment. How much healthier would you be?  How much easier would life be?  Can you feel your shoulders relaxing? How much less stress would you have if you felt empowered and confident, abundant and optimistic?

I urge you not to turn back now, for your own sake.


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Come in and let’s discuss, What is The One Thing, that if it were immediately gone from your life, you would finally be able to stop running that dialogue in your head and take a deep breath and relax.
What is it that prevents you from actually BEING that better version of yourself that you want to be.
What is it that’s limiting you and keeping you in knots?
Or at least tell yourself why Today is not the right time to start dealing with it.

As they say, “Help Is Standing By.” Pick a time below that works for you.

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And now for something slightly off-topic:

Per special request from my AdWords friends – please let me state explicitly, in case you didn’t already know, that “results may vary from person to person.” What this means in real life is that some people like me better than others, that some people are more interested in making real change than others, and that some people are more motivated to accept hypnotic suggestions and work them outside of sessions than others. Naturally, the clients who fit well with me, my views, and approaches, who have a sincere interest in using my services to help themselves, and who are willing to carry our session work into the rubber-meets-the-road-real-life, will tend to have different results than those who do not.