Hypnosis is a method of accessing the subconsious mind in order to change behaviors and thought patterns.  It is safe and occurs naturally for people.


We access the subconscious mind to give helpful suggestions because it is effective.


Much of our daily life happens automatically.  We don’t think about how we walk or talk, we just do.  It has been learned and incorporated into our normal behaviors, and when it becomes automatic it stops being a conscious activity.

The same level of automaticity happens with our habitual reactions in life.  Some of these reactions are helpful and leave us in a positive, resourceful state of mind and body.  But some of them leave us feeling victimized or stuck, and in a negative and unresourceful state of mind and body.


Using hypnosis, we can change these automatic reactions and help create the positive changes the client seeks.


Each person will experience hypnosis in the way that’s just right for them at that time.  Some people may go into a light trance state where their mind is but still thinking about daily things.  Others may go more deeply into the hypnotic state and will experience a break from the typical mind-chatter.  Some people will feel a heaviness, others may feel light.


The variations are as endless as fingerprints, but for almost everyone, hypnosis is a deeply relaxing experience.  One in which the worries, stress, and anxiety melt away, and you feel a renewed sense of peace and “ok-ness.”


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