Saying Yes, Part II

Last time, we talked about how just saying “Yes” to our current unpleasant situation, allows us to stop resisting and to begin seeing the solutions that offer us a way out.

Today, I want to touch upon another way in which saying “Yes” is immensely important. And that is in growth.

If you desperately want out of a dead-end job, and fail to send out resumes or apply for new positions, you will not likely get out of your crappy position.

If you hate being single or lonely, and you never take steps to meet people, it’s unlikely that your love life will change.

Sure there are exceptions, when Providence seems to drop a huge boon in our laps without any type of effort on our part. But I think much more commonly, we help make our changes by being open to saying, “Yes.”

Saying “Yes” means updating your resume. Saying “Yes” means checking out the classified ads. Saying “Yes” means sending in applications.

We start by saying “Yes” inside to the possibility of things being different. And then we say “Yes” by entertaining the ideas that spontaneously start to flow (which come, by the way, BECAUSE we’ve said “Yes” to the possibility of things being different). And if we are able to bridge the huge chasm between getting ideas and acting on them, we’ve made our quantum leap. Because when you say “Yes” in your actions, that’s when things start happening.

When you take a step forward, the bigger forces (Universe, God, Your Higher Self, Destiny, Natural Law) – take a hundred steps toward you.

This has played out in my life over and over and over again. And if you think back, I’m sure that’s often the way it’s worked for you as well.

The only thing I’ve found standing in the way between me and that “Yes” is fear. I’m serving that topic up next. Stay tuned.