Saying Yes, Part I

I’m not sure how many times this has happened to me, but it seems to have happened plenty – and I can’t be the only one.

Let’s say I was angry or disappointed about a situation that had failed to live up to my expectations. I would find myself kind of stewing in my feelings, even after I was aware of them. I would find myself resisting moving out of that feeling. Why? Maybe it felt too comfortable in some strange way, maybe I didn’t feel like expending the energy to feel better.

No matter the excuse, the result was the same. No movement out of that uncomfortable feeling. No relief.

That is, until I said “Yes.” I had to first acknowledge where I was. I had to claim it, I had to say “Yes, this is the way I’m feeling or acting right now.”

Once I said “Yes” to where I was, I was much more easily able to say “Yes” to the healing steps that I knew would be helpful.

Whether it was me coming to grips with a situation out of my direct control or simply treating a person kindly with friendship or love. Whether it was spending some quiet time pondering how it went wrong and how I could prevent it from happening again, or tapping on it (EFT Tapping), the steps to rectify the situation and ultimately bring healing to myself and others, was only available after I said “Yes” to where I was.

Maybe you’ll remember how it works for me, the next time you find yourself in such a situation, and say “Yes” to it instead of resisting it. You’ll allow it to pass more quickly and easily, and that sounds like a good pay-off to me.