How We Improve

I started planning this year’s small garden over the past couple of weeks – I’ve been making diagrams and plans in my head, walking out back with a measuring tape, and reading up on the new varieties of vegetables I plan to grow.

As our outside space is fairly small, I’m growing in containers, and last year I decided to move them up onto a table for less stooping and hunching. The added height worked great, but the table I had wasn’t designed for such uses and it fell apart just as the gardening season came to a close.

So this year, I was on the lookout for new outdoor tables that would serve my purposes and last.

I ended up finding some inexpensive tables that fit the bill, but they are not quite sturdy enough to support the kind of weight that my containers will impose. So, I needed to adjust the vision, and build some type of support underneath them to help distribute the load a bit more evenly.

I designed and made some supports, but then found that they were a hair too tall, which made the tables seriously unstable. So, new cuts are now needed to make them right.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because it seems to me that this is the same process we all go through as we move toward our goals.

We get inspired in some way, we dream up a goal, we plan it out, we take action, we evaluate the results, and we take action again, re-evaluating as we go.

It’s not just for planning a garden, it’s for losing weight, it’s for dealing with stress and anxiety, it’s for stopping old habits that no longer serve us, and it’s for creating new habits that do.

We get inspired, we dream, we plan, we take action, we evaluate, take more action, re-evaluate, etc.

So, this is your little reminder to not get too discouraged when you don’t get what you’re after on the first shot. Take the opportunity to evaluate what worked and what didn’t, and take some more action in line with what you’ve learned.

I’ve found that most of the goals worth achieving are worth the effort along the way.

Many thanks for your attention, and I wish you energy for whatever Spring projects you have in mind. I know you can do it! 🙂

(If it so happens that the projects you’re dreaming about are for your own self-improvement (relaxation, improving health/fitness, and so much more), I remain standing by should you need some assistance along the way. Scheduling can be done online right HERE.)