Are You Indulging in Confusion?

I’ve seen several clients lately that have been having a difficult time with confusion, so I figured I’d address it here in case others are as well.

The confusion I’m talking about is NOT the kind a person gets when trying to decide between items #15 and #31 at the local Chinese restaurant, or whether the dress is “blue and black” or “white and gold”.

The kind of confusion I’m talking about is much deeper, more debilitating, and painful.

This type of confusion can make a person overwhelmed and frustrated, even to the point of giving up. They can’t really see a straight path forward.

When a person has this type of confusion, it is almost always serving a purpose of some kind, and that purpose is often a protection against fear.

Fear of what? Could be fear of embarrassment, fear of failure, fear of judgment from themselves or others. This underlying fear can be different for every person.

When someone comes into my office because they are so confused they can’t move forward (for instance, looking for a new job, starting a business, dealing with a health issue, starting a relationship, ending a relationship, etc.), we have to find out what purpose the confusion is serving.

Once we address the core issue (the root cause), the symptoms of confusion can recede easily and automatically because they’re no longer needed.

For some people it feels a little like magic to watch the issue they came in for disappear by working on “something else,” but really it’s more logical than magical.

It’s quite similar to pulling a weed out “by the roots.”

Now, of course not everyone requires hypnotherapy to address confusion.

Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective (even delivered via newsletter!). People can realize all by themselves that they have been indulging the fear and confusion, simply so that they won’t have to do something scary.

They realize that they can deal with the fear directly. By itself and on it’s own.

And that the pain of confusion is optional.

Hope this has been helpful to some of you!