Escape from the daily grind.


Take a “Reiki Vacation”.  It’s cheap, you can do it in an hour, and you don’t have to hassle with airports, hotels, or rental cars.


Imagine yourself on a beach with a gentle surf crashing behind your hammock.

reiki female hammock beach td hickerson columbus ohio reiki island beach td hickerson columbus ohio


Or see yourself near a cabin in the refreshingly cool woods, sitting comfortably on a stone watching a softly meandering stream.

reiki gentle stream td hickerson columbus ohio reiki stream plants bridge sky td hickerson columbus ohio


Or visualize yourself lying in the most luxurious grass, gazing skyward at the clouds transforming overhead.

reiki female grass relaxation td hickerson columbus ohio


What would that kind of Relaxation feel like for you?

Where would you feel it most?  Would your shoulders let go of their tension?  Would the vice release its hold on your head and temples?  Maybe you’d unlock some of that tightness you store deep in your low back?

Just maybe you’d feel it most strongly in your mind…  Perhaps a quiet sense of peace and calm, and an ever-increasing “ok-ness” with whatever craziness is going on in your life.

Give your body and mind a well-deserved break from the everyday!


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a light-touch technique which induces deep relaxation and healing.  Reiki is used to reduce stress and its harmful effects on the body, mind, and spirit.  Mood often improves, as does your immune system.  Pain is often reduced or even eliminated, and a “happy” lightness tends to settle in.  Clients even report an increase in the quality of their sleep.


Sounds interesting…  But what does it look like?

Something like this to start.

reiki head female td hickerson columbus ohio

I’ll move my hands to different positions on your body (you’ll be fully clothed), and you will relax into a comfortable place of relaxation for your mind and your body.


Will I feel anything?

Most often, clients who are in touch with their own bodies report feeling a pleasant tingle, or a gentle buzz or vibration from my hands.  Sometimes clients will only feel the energy in the form of heat.


As Reiki isn’t scheduled online, if you’d like to experience Reiki, please use this contact form to let me know and I will contact you to set up an appointment time.