Resources for Meditation for Curious Beginners Class

Here are some items which may be useful to you:

Singing Bowl Sound: singing bowl small 20s – 2166. You can download this file (usually by right-mouse clicking and choosing to “Save File As…” or “Save Link As…”) and set it as an alarm on your phone or computer. This file is in a nearly universal format that should play on virtually all computers and all devices. (source)


A link for the large printable version of the Sri Yantra we discussed in the Object Meditation session can be found on the Wikipedia article on the Sri Yantra, or just follow the direct link to the large image HERE.


The following links are for Meditation Timers and Guided Meditation applications for your phone (both for Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc., and for Android smartphones and tablets).  You can use the timers to time your sessions, or to use the Guided Meditations available in the apps.

Insight Timer Smartphone Apps – We used the following Guided Meditations from this app:

Meditation Oasis Smartphone Apps – We did not use this app, but Meditation Oasis apps are developed by Mary Maddux (who we listened to above), and they contain more Guided Meditations from her.

The longer guided meditation we used was from Lori Leydon.  It was called Sacred Place and is available HERE for download or to play in your browser (19:27 minutes).


Links for the sounds and music selections we used in the Sound Meditation session follow:

Theta 7  (link works – right-mouse click and Save Link As…) by TD Hickerson (created using Gnaural).  This is a Binaural Beats 7 minute track, that will take you down to the theta brainwave frequency band and then fade out.  Best listened to with decent headphones.

Floating by Podington Bear

Offering Chant by Lama Gyurme and Jean-Phillipe Rykiel (this is a YouTube link), available on CD as well as iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Hanuman Chalisa by Bhagavan Das (this is a YouTube link as well, available on CD, iTunes, etc.)  This is the version from the album called The Howler at Dawn.  The Hanuman Chalisa appears on his other albums as well, just different renditions.  (FYI, he has an album called Love Songs to the Dark Lord, which means Krishna, not Voldemort or Satan, so don’t get freaked out :)).