Meditation Class





Meditation for People Who Find It Hard or Boring!

[My original title for this workshop was “Meditation: Project MiSL (Make it Suck Less)”…  which do you prefer?]

Meditation has been shown to improve our sleep, decrease our stress, and improve our health. It fosters a deep emotional resilience and promotes feelings of well-being and peace. Yet, many people don’t do it because they find it difficult or boring. Maybe their mind is too loud or busy, or they can’t seem to sit still. No matter the cause, they effects are the same! They aren’t able to feel better, they can’t get in touch with their inner silence and guidance, they can’t foster their creative energy, support their spiritual side, or whatever other purpose they’ve intended. If YOU can relate to these common challenges, you’re in luck.[ssba_hide]

In this six-week class, led by TD Hickerson, you’ll learn techniques and methods to make meditation easier and lighter, more adaptable to the way you feel day-to-day, and ultimately more useful to you. You’ll be able to see meditation as more of a relaxed expression of yourself than the endurance sport it sometimes feels like. And when you’re able to actually do meditation more regularly, then you are more regularly going to see gains in peace and clarity and connection (and of course, all the other physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits mentioned above).

We’ll be covering such topics and methods as: sound/music meditation, movement meditation, object focus meditation, and more.

No experience (or flexibility) is required and Mats and Chairs are provided.  Class time consists of both practice and interactive discussion; home practice between classes is strongly encouraged.

This class series is aimed to serve those people who don’t have a regular meditation practice but would like to.